What Entrepreneurs Have to Know About ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot


On November 30, 2022, OpenAI launched a conversational AI service referred to as ChatGPT.

ChatGPT blew up in popularly virtually in a single day. Inside 5 days, it had already reached one million users. By comparability, it took Facebook roughly 10 months to hit a million customers.

All of which is to say: There’s clearly demand for these conversational AI providers. And each Google and Microsoft have taken word.

Whereas each corporations have invested in AI for years, evidently ChatGPT has sparked an urge for Google and Microsoft to hurry up the launch of their very own conversational instruments. On February 6, Google announced it’s own conversational AI service, called “Bard”. And, simply at some point later, Microsoft launched its own new version of Bing, powered by AI.

And, from a client perspective, I get it. These instruments are enjoyable. Think about the lovable reply I get to the question, “Are you able to inform me a joke a couple of cat?”

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 4

At its core, these instruments might upend how entrepreneurs seek for related info and distill that info into content material for his or her audiences. Right here, let’s discover the variations between Bard, AI-powered Bing, and ChatGPT, plus the professionals and cons of every.

First — What’s ChatGPT?

The “OG” within the house, ChatGPT launched in November 2022. It is owned by OpenAI, and is a free, publicly accessible instrument (though, as of February 1, there may be now a paid subscription model referred to as ChatGPT Plus).

ChatGPT makes use of a pure language processing instrument to drag info from throughout the online to reply search queries, and even full content material requests like “Are you able to write an electronic mail to my boss to inform her I’m out of workplace on Friday?”

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 1.png?width=624&height=464&name=What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 1

In contrast to a search engine, the solutions it offers you might be authentic, that means it is not only a copy-and-paste from someplace else on the net, however as an alternative distills that info into its personal conversational language.

Nevertheless, one of many largest drawbacks of ChatGPT is that the instrument is not able to discerning appropriate from incorrect info it pulls from the online, which suggests your solutions may very well be incorrect. OpenAI admits as much, stating “ChatGPT generally writes plausible-sounding however incorrect or nonsensical solutions.”

Moreover, ChatGPT is restricted to 2021 knowledge, so the knowledge it pulls from is just not at all times probably the most up-to-date.

Regardless of its limitations, ChatGPT is a strong instrument for serving to entrepreneurs draw inspiration, or create a robust first draft for a bit of content material.

As an illustration, a marketer would possibly search “professionals and cons of AI” and use ChatGPT’s solutions to encourage a future weblog publish on the subject; alternatively, a marketer might search “write a weblog publish on the professionals and cons of AI”, and use the response as a primary draft to a weblog publish.

It is essential to notice: I emphasize ‘first draft’ as a result of entrepreneurs ought to nonetheless learn by way of and edit the content material for tone of voice, in addition to guaranteeing the knowledge is correct and useful to your viewers.


  • May help entrepreneurs draft emails, weblog posts, essays, product descriptions, and even code.
  • Can present inspirational content material for entrepreneurs who aren’t certain tips on how to start a weblog publish on a subject, or aren’t certain the angle they wish to tackle a given subject.
  • Can pull sources throughout the online to offer entrepreneurs with a robust start line when conducting analysis (nevertheless, that content material must be vetted to make sure accuracy).


  • Can pull from inaccurate sources and supply incorrect info.
  • Guesses the customers’ intent, however is just not able to asking clarifying inquiries to get the correct reply to the consumer, so it is as much as the consumer to make sure their question offers the correct outcome.
  • All knowledge offered from ChatGPT is from 2021, so it may very well be outdated relying on the subject.
  • Doesn’t essentially give complicated or nuanced solutions to queries.

Okay … What about Google’s “Bard”?

Google’s personal experimental conversational AI service, which is powered by LaMDA, is named “Bard”, and is at the moment accessible to pick, trusted companions in a beta part — however Google has promised it will become available to the general public in coming weeks.

Bard might shift the best way entrepreneurs use serps. It is just like a search engine in that it pulls info from throughout the online to offer new, high-quality responses — but it surely’s meant to offer extra nuanced responses to customers’ search queries.

In essence, it might make a marketer’s job simpler by offering completely different views in a single place for a marketer to sift by way of, versus spending hours clicking by way of completely different articles on a given subject.

Probably the most compelling options of Bard is that it’s educated to seek out patterns in sentences to create dialogue with the consumer, versus merely cutting-and-pasting info from the web.

Within the Bard announcement, Google additionally mentions rolling out new AI-powered search options quickly. AI-powered search outcomes might enable you to get solutions to questions that do not have a transparent proper and improper reply.

Within the instance Google offered, a consumer might search “Is the piano or guitar simpler to be taught, and the way a lot observe does every want?”

Proper now, in case you search that question, you get a response like this one:

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot Feb 09 2023 06 23 30 0476 PM.png?width=624&height=264&name=What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot Feb 09 2023 06 23 30 0476 PM

Nevertheless, the featured response (just like the one proven above) is not at all times a totally complete reply to a fancy query.

As an alternative, when leveraging the assistance of AI, you would possibly get a solution alongside the traces of, “Some say the piano is simpler, because the finger and hand actions are extra pure … Others say that it is simpler to be taught chords on the guitar and you would decide up a strumming sample in a few hours.”

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot Feb 09 2023 06 23 30 3393 PM

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  • Allows entrepreneurs to interact in a dialog with Bard to ask clarifying or follow-up questions, which is able to permit entrepreneurs to get deeper insights on a given subject.
  • Helps entrepreneurs shortly perceive all sides of a subject by studying nuanced responses, versus only one easy response.
  • Entrepreneurs can really feel reassured that the knowledge Bard pulls from the online is extra up-to-date than ChatGPT.


  • Like different AI-powered conversational providers, Bard is imperfect and might serve up inaccurate, false, or biased info. In actual fact, Google has already misplaced $100 billion in shares after the chatbot made an error during the demo.  

Is Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing the Clear Winner?

Lastly, let’s talk about Microsoft’s new, AI-powered search options which can be already accessible on Bing, main me (and loads of others) to unexpectedly make an account to get on the ready listing.

In contrast to ChatGPT and Bard, Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is not a conversational AI service: As an alternative, it is a search engine boosted by AI, which permits Bing to offer customers with extra complicated, chat-like responses to queries.

Moreover, customers are in a position to answer the search queries with follow-up questions and have a full dialog with the chatbot on a given subject. Microsoft’s labelled it a “AI copilot for the web”.

Although Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, the corporate tells customers that their model is rather more highly effective than ChatGPT.

As they’ve stated in their announcement of Bing’s AI search options, “We’re excited to announce the brand new Bing is operating on a brand new, next-generation OpenAI giant language mannequin that’s extra highly effective than ChatGPT and customised particularly for search. It takes key learnings and developments from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 – and it’s even quicker, extra correct and extra succesful.”

Think about, as an example, the reply you get from AI-powered Bing whenever you search, “I’m planning a visit for our anniversary in September. What are some locations we are able to go which can be inside a 3 hour flight from London Heathrow?”

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 2.png?width=384&height=831&name=What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 2

What%20Marketers%20Need%20to%20Know%20About%20ChatGPT%2c%20Googles%20Bard%2c%20and%20Microsofts%20Bing%20Chatbot 3

As you possibly can see, Bing has offered a strong response — even separating the reply into classes of curiosity, like seashores versus nightlife — and, on the finish of the outcome, has given the consumer an opportunity to click on on a follow-up immediate like “How can I ebook a flight to Malaga”? Alternatively, you possibly can click on “Let’s chat” to ask your individual follow-up query.

By comparability, check out a response to the identical question from ChatGPT:


Whereas it is nonetheless offered a robust reply, ChatGPT hasn’t infused its response with as a lot “human” language, just like the phrases “scrumptious tapas” and “gorgeous surroundings” which you see from Bing’s AI chatbot. Moreover, ChatGPT at the moment would not have the performance to converse with customers like Bing’s does.


  • Can present entrepreneurs with in-depth, nuanced responses to their search queries to assist them analysis quicker, acquire well-rounded info on a given subject, and even spark inspiration for articles.
  • Can work as a marketer’s “assistant” by conversing with the marketer to make sure the marketer is getting the precise info she or he needs.
  • Can generate content material so entrepreneurs can spend much less time drafting blogs, e-books, product descriptions, emails, and extra.
  • Is in a position to answer dangerous premises; as an example, when given the immediate, ““Create a health routine and meal plan for me over the following 3 months. I’m a 125-pound male who’s 5 toes 8 inches, and I’d like to realize 25 kilos of muscle.”, Bing’s AI-powered chatbot is able to tell the searcher that it’s not wholesome to realize 25 kilos in three months.


  • Like different chatbots, can present inaccurate, false, or biased info. As Microsoft warns its users, “Bing will generally misrepresent the knowledge it finds, and you may even see responses that sound convincing however are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate. Use your individual judgment and double examine the information earlier than making choices or taking motion based mostly on Bing’s responses.”
  • At the moment requires individuals to put in the Edge browser for MacOS or Home windows.

In the end, all three of those new AI providers supply an thrilling glimpse into the potential way forward for AI: A future the place entrepreneurs can spend much less time on menial duties, and extra time strategizing, creating high-impact content material, and interesting instantly with prospects and prospects.

However proper now, there are main downsides to those instruments. When used with out checking the knowledge, a marketer would possibly find yourself publishing false, biased, or inaccurate content material to its audiences, which might result in mistrust within the model at-large.

Whereas there are clear advantages to every instrument, it’s vital entrepreneurs use logic and embed their content material with their very own perspective, tales, and tone to proceed resonating with their audiences and cultivating a way of legitimacy with all of their content material. 

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