No, ChatGPT is not stealing Google’s search market share


Reporting on Google’s market share lately is like reporting on the sky (do you know it’s blue?).

But at the moment, Looking for Alpha printed an article with a clickable headline of ChatGPT eats away at Google search’s dominance.

This text (which is paywalled, so I’m not linking to it) is predicated on a Financial institution of America report (why is Financial institution of America speaking about search market share?), which is predicated on information from StatCounter and Comparable Internet, which I realized of through an X post by Greg Sterling.

By the numbers. Google’s worldwide search market share, in line with StatCounter:

  • October 2023: 91.53%
  • October 2022: 92.34%

That is Google’s lowest world search market share up to now 12 months. However is that this ChatGPT consuming into Google’s search market share? Extraordinarily unlikely.

The issue? Statcounter doesn’t observe ChatGPT as a result of – hiya? – it isn’t a search engine. It’s an LLM-based generative AI chatbot.

Comparatively secure. Google Search has been “comparatively secure” over the previous 12 months, in line with the report. Nicely, sure. However we are able to really go additional again than that on StatCounter.

Google has been “comparatively secure” since August 2015. That’s the month Google surpassed 91% search market share worldwide for the primary time.

Up to now seven years, Googe’s search market share has bounced round from 91.1% (December 2015) to 93.37% (February 2023). For many of those eight years, ChatGPT didn’t exist, together with from April to August 2018 when Google’s search market share dipped under 91%.

What about Bing? Microsoft Bing continues to be down year-on-year, 3.13% (October 2023) vs. 3.59% (October 2022), in line with Statcounter. In the meantime, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has warned us that AI will make Google more dominant.

Dig deeper. The new Bing has failed to take any market share from Google after six months.

Different numbers. Some month-over-month comparisons from Comparable Internet:

  • Google visitors declined to 2.8 billion (down 0.4%).
  • Bard visitors elevated to eight.7 million (up 2%).
  • Bing visitors elevated to 42.7 million (up 8%)
  • ChatGPT visitors elevated to 55 million (up 4%). An vital reminder right here – ChatGPT’s visitors is just 2% of Google’s internet visitors.

Why we care. Generative AI is – and can proceed to – reshape search as we all know it. However false narratives aren’t useful for anyone. Google continues to be as dominant because it has been since 2015. The influence of Google, ChatGPT and generative AI on search is a narrative for search entrepreneurs to look at. However for now, there’s nothing to see right here.

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