Methods to Design a Brand [Step-by-Step Guide]


An incredible brand is immediately recognizable, memorable, and intently related to your model’s core values and concepts. Consider iconic logos like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike. Logos like these are easy and stylish but daring sufficient to depart a long-lasting impression.

When designing your brand, you may make a strong influence on how your model is perceived. Designing a timeless brand is difficult, however we’re right here to assist. To get your brand proper, you’ll must have a agency grasp of your market, purchaser personas, and your organization’s ethos.

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Learn on for brand design finest practices, useful instruments, and a step-by-step information to creating the proper brand.

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Forms of Logos

With hundreds of thousands of logos worldwide, it’s possible you’ll be shocked that all of them match into certainly one of seven important classes.

Every brand sort has its traits, strengths, and weaknesses, so select the range that finest aligns along with your model values and targets when designing your brand.

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Image Source

1. Emblems

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Image Source

An emblem is a standard sort of brand that consists of textual content built-in inside a logo or icon to create a unified picture.

Emblems have an official, formal look that provides off an air of cohesion and power. They work properly for manufacturers like Harvard that want to talk their wealthy historical past and conventional values.


  • Types a unified picture that may be sturdy and impactful
  • Sometimes perceived as formal or basic


  • The mixture of image and textual content might be tough to separate for integration into different design property
  • Advanced emblems could not reproduce properly at small sizes

2. Pictorial Marks (or Brand Symbols)

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Image Source

Pictorial marks, or brand symbols, are icon or graphic-based logos. A brand image omits textual content and depends on a single picture to signify the model. Most of these logos might be iconic and memorable.

Different examples embrace Goal’s bullseye and Starbucks’ siren.


  • It may be understood throughout all languages and cultures
  • Easy and efficient


  • Model recognition might be tougher to ascertain with none textual content
  • Brand symbols should be chosen properly and will or could not hook up with the model’s function

3. Wordmarks (or Logotypes)

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Image Source

Wordmarks are text-based logos that use font choice, typography, and coloration to show the model identify right into a brand. Wordmarks usually work properly with corporations with distinctive, catchy names, comparable to Google, Coca-Cola, and Disney.


  • Simplicity
  • Straightforward to include into different design property


  • It may be difficult to create a novel, memorable brand with solely textual content
  • Not suited to longer or much less distinctive firm names

4. Monogram Logos (or Lettermarks)

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Image Source

Monogram logos, often known as lettermarks, are one other typography-based brand.

In contrast to wordmarks that use all the model identify, monograms usually use initials to create a streamlined brand for corporations with longer names.

Different examples embrace HBO (Dwelling Field Workplace) and IBM (Worldwide Enterprise Machines).


  • Concise and simple to recollect
  • Simply scalable


  • You might want to put the total model identify under it till recognition is achieved
  • It may be complicated if initials match one other model

5. Summary Brand Marks

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Image Source

Summary logos are distinctive pictorial representations of a model. What’s the Pepsi brand, anyway?

In contrast to Apple and Goal, whose logos signify real-life issues (an apple and a bullseye), Pepsi’s brand is an summary illustration of the model that doesn’t depend on any particular, real-life picture.

As a substitute, it makes use of a mixture of geometric varieties and colours to domesticate the which means and emotion of the model.


  • Inherently distinctive and difficult to imitate
  • Can talk advanced concepts with easy shapes and colours


  • Their summary nature leaves them open to interpretation (and misinterpretation)
  • Brand which means could also be unclear, particularly for unestablished manufacturers

6. Mascot Logos

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Image Source

Mascot logos usually contain an illustrated character to create a enjoyable, cartoonish, and pleasant personification of a model. Manufacturers that select to go together with a mascot brand often search a light-hearted and family-friendly picture.

Different examples of name mascots embrace the Kool-Assist Man, Mr. Peanut, and the Pillsbury Doughboy.


  • Mascots are inviting and approachable, which helps domesticate a family-friendly model picture
  • Permits for a excessive degree of management over model storytelling


  • Not appropriate for manufacturers with a critical or company picture
  • It may be advanced from a design perspective, making copy at smaller sizes a problem

7. Mixture Marks

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Image Source

A mix mark is a brand that mixes textual content and an icon. It may be both a wordmark or a lettermark mixed with an summary mark, a pictorial mark, or a mascot.

A mix mark is a flexible alternative that permits you to current your model identify for straightforward recognition whereas additionally profiting from a memorable icon or picture.


  • Permits for a lot of variations of your brand, comparable to text-only and image-only
  • The mixture of picture and textual content makes the model message very clear


  • It may be advanced and will not scale down properly
  • It may seem overly busy if not thoughtfully designed

Methods to Design a Brand

Designing a brand that embodies your model will help you develop higher, however doing it proper is simply as essential. Right here’s find out how to design the proper brand, step-by-step.

  1. Perceive your model.
  2. Brainstorm phrases that describe your model.
  3. Sketch concepts based mostly on these phrases.
  4. Check your high sketches along with your purchaser persona.
  5. Refine your chosen sketch.
  6. Develop your brand’s format on a free design platform.
  7. Choose versatile coloration choices.
  8. Select a font.
  9. Guarantee scalability.

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Image Source

1. Perceive your model.

Step one to designing your brand is knowing your model. Earlier than you concentrate on opening Canva or beginning a sketch, you should pinpoint your model’s story and the particular values and feelings you need to synthesize in your brand.

This course of includes the exploration of your audience, your purchaser personas, and, most significantly, the way you need folks to really feel after they understand your brand.

“It’s by way of errors that you just truly can develop. It’s important to get unhealthy as a way to get good.” – Paula Scher

Graphic design icon Paula Scher hits the nail on the pinnacle with the above quote.

Distilling your model story right into a brand shall be a problem, and you need to count on errors alongside the way in which. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover when conceiving a brand that matches your model.

2. Brainstorm phrases that describe your model.

Use instruments like to find synonyms and different phrases that describe your model’s central theme. Purpose to decide on 5 to 10 phrases that finest describe your model’s ethos and use them to information your brand design.

For instance, for those who‘re within the clothes {industry}, you would possibly merely sort in “clothes.” You’d be shocked by how descriptive the synonyms are that seem.

ou may even click on these outcomes to start out new searches and dig deeper as you zero in on the phrases that finest seize your model.

Image Source

3. Create some sketches.

Now’s the time to create some tough sketches. Enable your model story and key phrases to information you and make some preliminary brand concepts.

Bear in mind, these are your first drafts. The essential factor is to get the concepts out of your head and onto the paper, so belief the method and simply let the concepts circulate. You’ll have the chance to refine your concepts later.

“The great thing about a primary draft lies in its imperfections; it’s the place to begin for refining concepts and discovering the proper stability.” – David Airey

Brand designer David Airey knows a thing or two about sketching. Embrace the imperfections of your first drafts and let your creativity circulate!

As you’re sketching the ideas on your brand, preserve the following pointers in thoughts:

  • Maintain the form easy. You’re in good condition for those who can sketch essentially the most symbolic parts in seven seconds or much less.
  • Keep away from any fashionable clip-art paintings or generic symbols like a globe, star, or related icons that individuals too rapidly establish from different locations.
  • Be strategic about your use of color. Take into account as we speak’s coloration traits in addition to fashionable colours in your {industry}. As a common rule, don’t select greater than three colours. Select a coloration or group of colours that can make you stand out out of your competitors, however please, for the love of selling, don’t use the entire rainbow!

4. Select a sketch and refine it.

Now that you’ve some sketches, choose the one which speaks to you most and put in your considering cap.

“Design is considering made visible.”Saul Bass

Make a deep effort to replicate in your brainstorming phrases and model story and visualize your ideas. Use your psychological efforts to refine your brand sketch right into a significant, deep, relatable design that ties again to your model’s core values.

Simpler mentioned than accomplished, however that is the place the heavy lifting is available in.

5. Develop your brand’s format on a free design platform.

For those who’ve been engaged on paper till now, now’s the time to deliver your design to the pc and create a format. Your brand format is how particular person components of your brand are organized and positioned in relation to one another.

Listed below are some free instruments you should utilize to scan your sketch and begin making a format:

Correct alignment of your brand is the important thing right here. Your brand doesn’t must be completely symmetrical, but it surely ought to seem visually balanced.

“Whitespace is like air: it’s needed for design to breathe.” – Wojciech Zieliński

The whitespace between completely different components of your brand is the unsung hero of your design and the key you should uncover on this step of the method.

Attempt for a crisp, balanced brand the place all the pieces feels prefer it’s in the correct place. In case your design appears nice in black and white, then you realize you may have a well-balanced brand.

6. Select your colours.

The colour palette you select on your brand says lots about your model.

For instance, blue communicates trustworthiness and maturity, whereas pink reveals ardour and pleasure. Take into account your model story and the key phrases you brainstormed earlier when selecting your brand colours.

“If you select a brand new coloration palette, 60% of the palette needs to be devoted to at least one coloration (often, it’s a impartial coloration), one other (complementary) coloration makes up 30% of the palette, and a 3rd coloration (accent) is used for the remaining 10% of the design.” – Nick Babich

Product designer Nick Babich drops some knowledge about the three-color rule in design. You don’t want to decide on a number of colours on your brand, however for those who determine to go the multicolor route, preserve all the pieces harmonious by following this design precept.

7. Select a font.

Now it’s time to mix textual content with imagery.

Take into account the typeface this article will carry if your organization identify ever stands with out your brand. For those who determine on a wordmark or lettermark brand versus a logo, your font alternative is much more essential.

Imagine it or not, your font alternative can say lots about your small business. You’ll be able to choose a font that’s both serif (with stems on every letter) or sans serif (no stems) — often known as basic or trendy, respectively.

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Steer clear of generic fonts that come commonplace on each phrase processor. Some examples of generic fonts are Times New Roman, Lucida Handwriting, and Comic Sans. These fonts will solely work in opposition to you and your organization by making you much less memorable.

“Show sort is a visible voice. With out studying, it imparts its message.” – Laura Worthington

Designer and typography guru Laura Worthington hits the nail on the pinnacle relating to the significance of font choice. Your font alternative goes past simply conveying data as textual content; it’s a essential side of your design.

8. Guarantee scalability.

Logos are supposed to signify your organization on a number of platforms — in print, in your web site, on every of your social media enterprise pages, and throughout the web as your small business grows.

You need a brand that may be blown up tremendous massive for a billboard or scaled down for screening onto the aspect of a pen.

Each a part of your brand needs to be legible, whatever the brand’s dimension.

9. Get suggestions.

“There are three responses to a chunk of design — sure, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to goal for.”Milton Glaser

As soon as you’re feeling your brand design is prepared, contemplate sharing it with others and looking for constructive suggestions.

After all, you’ll be able to search enter at any level within the course of, however it’s treasured to get folks’s reactions to your realized imaginative and prescient and reiterate from there.

Whew — nonetheless with us? We all know this might sound slightly overwhelming, however take it gradual and don’t rush your self.

It’s higher to observe the method by way of to completion and finish with a outstanding brand than to start out over just a few months later resulting from a design error or change of coronary heart.

When you’ve accomplished your brand, how are you going to inform for those who scored a winner? Straightforward: Use our Logo Grader to evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of your new brand.

Brand Design Greatest Practices

1. Maintain it easy.

Simplicity is vital in brand design. Purpose for a clear, uncluttered design that communicates your model identification as straightforwardly as potential. The aim is for viewers to acknowledge and perceive your brand immediately.

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Image Source

Take Nike’s brand, for instance. Its simplicity makes it iconic. There’s a purpose they haven’t up to date it since 1995.

2. Prioritize versatility.

Your brand needs to be versatile sufficient to work throughout varied backgrounds and colours. Check your brand in opposition to a number of backgrounds and mediums to make sure legibility and readability in all potential situations.

Which means you need to have alternate coloration palettes and brand orientations to go well with any scenario.

3. Design on your viewers.

Your brand design needs to be according to the way you understand your model and the way your clients already understand it.

You should contemplate your audience’s buyer persona by researching their demographics and pursuits. Solely then are you able to serve their expectations and desires in your design.

4. Be authentic.

Standing out from the pack is crucial. Right now, virtually each market is saturated with competitors and choices. The design of your brand is as very important to carving out your area of interest as creating a novel worth proposition.

Keep away from generic logo designs and cliché symbols which might be simply noticed elsewhere. For instance, globe-based logos are a dime a dozen:


5. Be timeless.

Your brand needs to be iconic and timeless. Straightforward sufficient, proper? Epochal logos like Coca-Cola’s are as uncommon as they’re important, however that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t goal for a timeless brand as properly.

A timeless brand means that it’ll by no means exit of fashion.

A technique to make sure that is to avoid as we speak’s hottest design traits (which is able to exit of fashion ultimately). As a substitute, go for a easy, basic design that may be snug representing your model for years to come back.

Brand Design Instruments

1. Canva

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Canva is an all-in-one, web-based graphic design software that you should utilize to design something you’ll be able to consider, together with logos. Anyone can use Canva’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and in depth library of templates and design property.

Greatest for: Newbie designers and small enterprise house owners who need a hands-on method to brand creation.

Pricing: Free plans can be found. Canva professional prices $12.99 month-to-month. Canva groups prices $14.99 month-to-month for as much as 5 customers.

2. Adobe Illustrator

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Illustrator is the industry-leading, vector-based graphics software program from Adobe, the maker of different fashionable instruments like Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign.

Illustrator is a staple for a lot of skilled design teams and can be utilized to create skilled logos and limitless different designs.

Illustrator is vector-based, which means graphics are fabricated from factors, strains, shapes, and curves based mostly on mathematical formulation slightly than a set quantity of pixels.

Accordingly, an Illustrator brand might be scaled up or down whereas sustaining picture high quality.

Greatest for: Skilled design professionals and companies that require highly effective options and supreme customization and management.

Pricing: Plans begin at $20.99 month-to-month.

3. Hatchful


Hatchful is a quick and easy-to-use logo-maker software from Shopify. The software will ask you questions on your organization’s {industry}, most popular visible model, model identify, and the place you count on to make use of the brand (print, digital, and so forth.).

Utilizing the offered data, Hatchful will mechanically generate a slew of brand choices, which you’ll be able to choose and additional customise.

Greatest for: Entrepreneurs and small enterprise house owners seeking to create a high-quality brand with minimal design effort rapidly.

Pricing: Free.

4. Squarespace Logo Creator

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Squarespace’s brand creator software allows you to rapidly generate a clean-looking brand for your small business. The logos that this software empowers you to create are according to the fashionable and minimal aesthetic that Squarespace is understood for.

Enter your small business identify, and Squarespace permits you to serve it up in an exquisite font alongside an icon of your alternative. The software has hundreds of vectorized icons and a curated choice of high-quality fonts.

Greatest for: Entrepreneurs and small companies seeking to rapidly create a clear, minimal brand.

Pricing: Free.

5. Looka

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Anybody can design a brand utilizing Looka’s AI-powered brand creation engine. Enter your model identify and {industry}, choose your favourite colours, and choose some instance logos that talk to you.

Based mostly in your enter knowledge, Looka will generate an AI-curated choice of logos. Select one and customise it to your coronary heart’s content material.

Greatest for: Entrepreneurs and small enterprise house owners with out design expertise who received’t compromise on the standard of their brand.

Pricing: A primary brand package deal prices $20 for a one-time buy. A premium brand package deal is a $65 one-time buy

6. CorelDRAW

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CorelDRAW is a totally loaded, desktop-based vector design program that runs on Home windows and macOS.

CorelDRAW is a substitute for Adobe Illustrator that provides almost all the identical performance and permits you to remodel sketches and concepts into fully-fledged logos.

Since you should purchase CorelDRAW outright as an alternative of as a subscription, it may be a extra budget-friendly alternative than Adobe.

Greatest for: Professionals and skilled designers who require a whole design toolkit.

Pricing: Plans price $19.08 month-to-month or $464 for a one-time buy.

7. Affinity Designer

fMgK615ktCEMCwFlXtpSZL6AVUsXvngBxjFhvKxC cweU2Xq3Cp9RzTlvcIXJi7Tz

Affinity Designer is one other fully-featured desktop different to Adobe Illustrator that runs on macOS, Home windows, and iPad.

It’s significantly extra budget-friendly than alternate options. It contains a slick, darkish UI, quick efficiency, and all of the contains a skilled designer must create logos and different design property.

Greatest for: Skilled designers and companies searching for a totally featured, budget-friendly different to Adobe.

Pricing: Affinity Designer is a $69.99 one-time cost.

Designing a Brand for Your Model

Now that you realize in regards to the kinds of logos, the method for creating one, finest practices, and a few instruments you should utilize, get began crafting the proper brand on your model.

Create a brand that captures your viewers’s consideration, communicates your model values, and makes you stand out from the gang.

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